Love & Relationships


About this Service

Love and relationships are one of the most searched topics on the internet, proving that human connection is something that most of us desire, and with decades of research, and centuries of wisdom about building a healthy relationship there's no reason anyone wanting a better relationship can't have one.

The truth is that no one is born knowing how to be a partner in a relationship. Many of us lacked examples of healthy relationships in our childhood. How we behave in our relationships has a lot to do with our upbringing and our own parents' relationships. When we weren't shown how to love, we improvise based on movies, books, friends, and social media. And then things go wrong and we're horribly disappointed.

Fortunately, if you’re open to receiving a new understanding about relationships and learning concrete skills that can improve the quality of your relationship, with the help of therapy, you can begin your journey on the path towards building healthier relationships.

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Some of the benefits of working with Honour Sithole include:

  • Understanding your Current Relationship Style and how you are showing up in relationships

  • Understanding your Relationship Influences and the Impact of your Family of Origin

  • Develop your Own Identity in Relationships

  • Explore the Silent Contracts you have Made in Relationships

  • Learn how to Attract the Right Partner

  • Learn to Grow and Maintain Healthy Relationships

  • Define Healthy Boundaries

  • Establish and Maintain a Healthy Sense of Self

  • Learn to Honor your Voice

  • Develop Healthy Resolution Skills

  • Redefine what Relationships are to You

  • Understand why you want to be in a Relationship


Couples Counseling

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Relationships are like plants that require consistent care, nurturing, attention, sun, water, and the right soil for them to blossom. Consistent nurturing will allow a plant and a relationship alike to grow freely and expand its roots. If the plant is potted, the roots will outgrow the pot and will require re-potting in order to provide  additional room for the roots to grow  for the plant to remain healthy. If a plant requires this amount of work, and attention, a human relationship is certainly not exempt. Conflict, misunderstanding, life experiences, differing value and belief systems, can lead to communication challenges, eroding even the strongest relationships.

If you need relationship help or you’re looking for insight into your marriage difficulties, couples counseling with Honour Sithole can help you rebuild the foundations of your relationship. 

Pre-Marital / Marital

Unfortunately, most couples underestimate the need to prime their relationship for growth and spend far more time talking about, and planning for, their wedding day than they do for what comes after... the relationship that they expect to last a lifetime.

Many couples never talk about the basics of maintaining a good relationship until after they are married. Often, they do so only once they've discovered that they're not on the same page about many key life issues.

Pre-marital counseling provides a structured format to review the main areas which surprise couples, both as soon as they start talking about marriage, and once the honeymoon is over.

I work with couples to explore the dreams, expectations, rules, and unspoken requirements for a satisfying marriage that have developed over a lifetime. Couples counseling encourages the understanding of how past experiences with parents and other partners shape expectations, as well as examining relationship skills and deficits.

Together, we can explore your different personalities and communication styles in order to help you both learn better communication skills for the years ahead.

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There's a difference between pre-engagement counseling and pre-marital counseling. Once an engagement ring sits on a woman's finger, a dating couple usually loses any remaining objectivity about their relationship. Instead, the priority of their relationship becomes planning the wedding day. To avoid this dilemma, dating couples benefit from visiting a trained counselor who can help examine all aspects of their relationship. I can ask the important character questions that you may have forgotten or have been afraid to ask.

Divorce Recovery

The ending of a marriage can be an emotionally taxing journey, no matter how confident you are in your decision. Divorce often brings a wide range of intense emotions, including grief, confusion, anxiety, and guilt — particularly if children are involved. Divorce recovery counseling helps individuals heal throughout their journey by processing their emotions and developing invaluable new coping skills.


What Is Divorce Recovery?

Divorce Recovery Counseling can be beneficial to anyone involved in the breakdown of marriage, including both adults and children. Therapy is an invaluable tool for any divorced couple. Whether they attend sessions individually and separately. While many divorced couples who pursue counseling decide to attend on their own, partnered therapy sessions can be a helpful medium to mediate conflict, determine healthy boundaries and set guidelines for the future.

Divorce recovery refers to the process of emotional, mental, and practical healing that takes place throughout every stage of a divorce. Divorce recovery, like any form of healing, is unique to each person. However, recovery often happens in four stages:

  • Stabilization: Turning to a support system and establishing coping skills can offer helpful stabilization during the initial healing phase.

  • Exploration: During this stage, many people examine what went awry in their marriage and what they want from their future.

  • Experimentation: This stage of divorce recovery may involve starting to seek a new relationship or pursuing life as an independent individual.

  • Regaining confidence: At this stage of recovery, you’re confident in your ability to accomplish your goals and pursue happiness on your own terms.

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