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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, and founder of Inside Fitness Counseling in Frisco Texas. I genuinely believe that internal wellness is of paramount importance and is directly related to the quality of our external lives. Unfortunately, today, internal wellness is often overlooked and the focus has shifted to external appearance neglecting much needed internal work.

My main goal is to provide a judgment-free environment where unconditional love resides and where families, couples, and individuals feel safe to work and resolve their life’s challenges and enjoy the liberation, joy and peace that come as a byproduct of Internal wellness.​​

In addition to Professional Counseling, I provide Life coaching services for individuals or couples who need an accountability partner as they work towards their life’s goals.  I thoroughly enjoy working with athletes to help them achieve their full potential and find the balance between the demands of professional sport and daily life. 

I have dedicated my life and my career to walking with individuals through their toughest moments in their lives. At my core, I get joy in seeing individuals overcome obstacles as they journey closer to becoming themselves whilst living fulfilling lives. Working with people has created an avenue for me to share love, give to others and learn about the amazing journeys that each of my clients is walking and the strength they possess.

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